August 2018  
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Gospel Seekers Sunday School
Teacher: Eddie Hutcheson

Currently, our class of the Gospel Seekers, is finishing the book of                                    2 Samuel        

The class has no particular age, as we are a variety of ages,

We believe the Bible is the ONLY Inspired Word of God and it is the source of    our learning.                                                                                                                                                                       No one particlar version is required, and therefore all versions are welcome.

"Chasing rabbits" does occur but it is not a "social event class".              

We do have guest teachers and one day lessons as well.                                       

Future studies include:  the 7 Churches, theRoman Road, Promises, the Judgment Seats - Bema and  Great White Throne and the 10 Plagues.

COMING THIS CHRISTMAS:    Covenants...all lead to One - guest, Pastor Len; Gabriel’s Message - guest, Cheri Sullins; Mary’s Song - guest, Stacy Davis;

She Rode; The Story

The Christian building blocks of Love, Faith and Hope are taught.

We meet on the South side in the Fellowship Hall at 9am, Sunday mornings.  Join us for coffee and occasionally eats.