Pastor's Welcome

Welcome From Pastor Terry

Thanks for visiting our website. Our hope is that your visit to our web site gives you a sense of what God is doing in and through God’s family at First Baptist Church.

As you look through these pages, I am certain that you’ll find a number of helpful and informative areas as well as some special links that will assist you in your personal pursuit of God. 

At First Baptist we have two great desires:

(1) To help people understand Who Jesus is and what He has done for us (1 Corinthians 15:1-3).

(2) To help people come to know Christ and the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3:9-1012-14) so every believer will be able to live effectively for God in their daily life.

Jesus called it the “abundant life” in John 10:10 and He has made provision for us to experience it in the here-and-now.

If you’ve never established a personal relationship with Jesus, you can do so before you leave our site. Just click on the link button titled, “How Salvation Can Be Found” and you will see a short video on how to come to know Christ and read about how you can receive Him as Savior and Lord.

If you’re looking for a church home, let me invite you to visit our Sunday morning Bible Study and worship time or one of our other small group Bible Studies. In our Sunday morning worship times you will experience dynamic music, God’s Word powerfully proclaimed and warm, heart-felt, loving fellowship. You’ll be received with enthusiasm. It just might be that First Baptist is a part of that journey for you.

All of us have needs: to be loved, to be accepted, to have friends, to find healing from past hurts, and of course the need to grow in our relationship with God. First Baptist exists to help meet those needs through Jesus Christ.

We have a heart for our city, our state, our nation, and the world. First Baptist to a church family that will connect you with God, train you to follow God, and lead you outside the church walls to hurting, needy people who await the most hopeful message of all found only in Jesus Christ.

There is a place for you here

At First Baptist, we want you to feel at home, to be part of the family. In fact, we call our church a family of friends and a friend to the family. You’ll be surrounded by a caring, loving family of friends who will you help you and your family grow in your faith, sharing the good times, helping you in the tough times. Whether you’re a large family or a family of one, we invite you to see what our family is all about.

We invite you to come and find …

A place to belong … A place to become …